Specialising In Equipment For The Ink and Paint Industries

specialising in equipment


As we start a new year, we, Base Products, would like to wish all of you a productive and successful business year!

Just a short recap of the two main equipment and companies we represent in South Africa at present:

– Rexson Systems – Printing ink and Paint dispensers, Chemical blending systems.


Rexson, a UK based company are the leading global suppliers in dispensers and have agents all over the world representing their machines apart from the hundreds of installed dispensers.

Rexson’s dispensers are designed to deliver right-first time blends which drastically reduces waste as well as inventory and production costs.

The dispensers are specifically designed according to your business requirements with the help and expertise of highly qualified engineers.

We Base Products are here to assist and ensure that the customer’s specific requirements are met and to provide continuous hardware and software support.

For more in-depth information regarding Rexson’s dispensers please visit our home page on our website and click on the Rexson logo or you can click on the link below:

Rexson Systems website

specialising in equipment

– Formeco – Solvent & Water Recyclers.


Formeco is an Italy based company and are well known for their Solvent Recovery Systems. The sizes range from as small as 15 litres through to 2200 litres. These recyclers are designed to separate contaminants like resins, polymers, pigments, paints and oils from the solvent through a simple distilling process, the solvent is then re-usable.

There are also various extras you can add to the recycler like a pump that will automatically pump dirty solvent into the recycler for you. You can also add bags, also called REC bags which are used to collect all the leftover residual from the distilling process these bags also make it a lot more convenient to dispose of the waste.

For more in-depth information regarding the various recyclers, please visit our home page and click on the Formeco Logo to be directed to their website otherwise you can click on the link below:

Formeco Solvent Recyclers

specialising in equipment