Spray Gun Washer

Cleaning your spray guns manually?

There is a much safer and more efficient way.


Spray gun washers are designed to wash guns and rid them of any paint residue effectively in one wash and without the need for manual cleaning.

The washer first uses previously used thinners to wash the gun, followed by a rinse with clean thinners, and the sludge from the recycler is collected in a disposal bag.

One of the highlights to a spray gun washer is that it is built with a lid which is closed during a wash cycle this reduces the solvent evaporation loss and reduces workers exposure to the harmful emissions leaving the work environment cleaner and safer to work in thus boosting your business’ Eco – friendly status.

Most beneficial, a solvent recycler can be connected to the gun washer allowing the dirty solvent to be recycled which ensures that there is clean solvent always readably available for the next wash cycle.

A spray gun washer can take about 2 minutes for a complete wash cycle and can wash more than 1 gun at a time – this definitely outweighs the manual method of cleaning a spray gun which could take up to 20 minutes to clean 1 gun.


Some benefits of using a Spray Gun Washer:

  • Saves time and labour costs
  • Reduces accident spillage which could lead to serious clean up issues
  • Reduces health risk issues
  • Safer for the environment and work place
  • Reduces clean solvent usage and costs
  • Much more efficient – quick cleaning solution, using less solvent to clean therefore creating less hazardous waste (dirty solvent)
  • With the gun cleaner connected to the dedicated recycler, waste can be reduced by around 80%, consisting of paint sludge that is collected in a disposal bag, and providing a constant supply of clean thinners for washing.      


Solvent recycler that works with a Spray gun washer