Solvent Recyclers Sales Rise

solvent recyclers

solvent recyclersJust like there has been a spike with the ink/paint dispenser sales the same result has happened with solvent recyclers!

With Base products heading into the second half of the year, we continue to market and send out information on how solvent recyclers can have a great influence on your company, and the profitable company that can be created through recycling solvent.

In our previous blogs, we explain how to create a business out of recycling solvents and take you through some finer details of how much it costs to recycle solvent per litre and how much you could sell the recycled solvent to customers for – which works out to much less than buying virgin solvent from a supplier, therefore, companies are likely to purchase solvent from you for cheaper, guaranteeing you sales. These customers are also your source of contaminated solvent for your business.


solvent recyclers

If you have not read our blog on how to create a business out of recycling solvent, please click on the link below to be intrigued: Click here

Solvent Recycling machines are also a solution to the companies that use large quantities of solvent everyday/week or even month and end up with dirty solvent stored somewhere onsite, taking up space and causing the workplace to look unprofessional and ultimately dangerous.

This is where a solvent recycler comes in handy and saves the company a whole lot in solvent purchasing expenses, storage and removal fees of dirty solvent. We can even offer solvent recyclers that do not generate liquid sludge residue but convert this into powder which is easier to dispose of. There are some great advantages and benefits of having a recycler and if you haven’t yet read our blog regarding why a solvent recycler is a great option please click on the link below: Click here