Do You Have Large Quantities Of Dirty Solvent Accumulating At Your Work Place?

dirty solvent

Many businesses sit with accumulated amounts of dirty solvent or chemicals that they just cannot dispose of or are paying to have removed – We have the perfect solution for you. Recycling your own dirty solvent is your best option, saving you money and cleaning up your production facility!

The cost of recycling dirty solvent would not exceed R0.50 per litre!

Recycling solvent is a simple process and does not require extra staff or large amounts of space. The recycler machine is easy to use – the basic models include a timer and auto shutdown so that you can set the recycler going and walk away.

There are options to fully automate the recycler so that the machine fills on its own. This also means that the operator is not required to monitor the machine – allowing the operator to continue with his daily tasks as normal.

The use of a solvent recycler on your premises can add value to your company by boosting your eco-friendly status/footprint. Instead of the dirty chemicals being accumulated and transported away from your site and disposed of in way that could possibly increase the impact of environmental pollution which in turn could affect you and your company in the near future, a solvent recycler will save you the time and cost of looking for ways to dispose of these chemicals and save you money on purchasing new chemicals each time. A recycler will easily reduce your disposal of dirty solvent by 80 – 90 %, and at the same time almost eliminate the need to purchase virgin solvent.

The waste will be in a liquid (sludge) form and we can include heat resistant bags ready to be removed from the kettle and disposed of once the cycle has been completed.

If you are willing to spend a little extra, the process can include recycling to the last drop, leaving a dry powder which is easy to dispose of and is non-hazardous.  

A typical small to medium sized recycler can be seen in operation below:

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