Holographic Security Labels

holographic security labels

Holographic security labels are being used to secure products from forgers and to prevent the production of counterfeiting high-value products which can be detrimental to the market and a danger to consumers. There are more than 100-different pattern designs available and the labels can be custom designed to enhance your product’s packaging.



One of the main features of the holographic security labels is that it is tamper-evident meaning the label will destroy its self during detachment. This helps when it comes to forger’s trying to steal your label for their own use.


Some of the different applications that holographic security labels can be used for:


1. Brand and product protection:

Any original product made by a company that wants to secure their product from fraudsters. E.g. – Cigarette brands, Clothing brands, Cosmetic brands, Pharmaceutical brands etc…


2. Document security:

This would be examples of Identification cards and documents, drivers licence cards and documents, passports and visas, tickets for an event, money etc… This holography prevents forgers from manufacturing counterfeit cards, documents and money, and helps officials distinguish between which are counterfeit and which are authentic.

3. Security seal:

This is a seal that is usually placed on the opening of a product to prevent leakage, tampering, contamination and unauthorised use of liquids. E.g. – automotive and pharmaceutical products.


4. Brand promotion:

This type of application can be used to enhance the packaging of the product that is on promotion to catch the target markets attention more easily, bright colourful labels indicating that the product is on promotion e.g. – Toothpaste boxes are very colourful and eye-catching. This effect is given off when you apply different holographic pattern designs onto the packaging/label. These unique designs incorporating your company logo helps protect and secure the products as well as enhance the packaging and shelf appeal.


Advantages/Benefits of holographic security labels on products:

  • Most cost-effective way to protect your product from being forged.
  • Enhances the shelf appeal by highlighting the product’s packaging.
  • Offering security on your products, consumers are assured of the original nature of the goods.
  • Improves perceived quality.
  • Always keep up to date with the latest security levels as manufacturers are always searching for ways to improve the security of their holographic labels.
  • Customise your label to suit your company product.