Going Deeper Into Holographics

Going deeper into Holographics

Packaging films, Papers & Laminates


Holographics lamination films are used to add colour, movement and diverse optical effects to packaging due to the films bright vibrant colours and unique kinetic patterns. These graphic, holographic and optical elements are real eye catcher and they thus enhance the value and shelf appeal of the product. There are various different patterns and styles as well as an option for custom made film designs and even real holographic images to suit your product and company’s requirements.

These decorative holographic films are most commonly of PET, and BOPP or PVC substrates with an added vacuum metallized aluminium surface to help light reflection and to protect the very thin optically active layer on the flexible film.

These holographic films are also available as clear transparent film with a clear “High Refractive Index” (HRI – Film) vacuum top coating with is strongly enhancing the optical effect and keeps the colourful holographic effect active, once the film is laminated to a pre-printed substrate, such as film, paper or board, or when it is just overprinted.   

The way in which the film gets its colourful design is through micro-embossing. The embossing imprints a micro pattern onto the film. These patterns can be anything from dots to lines to images of shapes which all have the ability of creating a colourful 3-dimension illusion through the diffraction of white light. The images and spectral (rainbow) colours you see are dependent on which angle and position you look at the film.

And finally, these film types can also be produced with “achromatic” just silvery shining pattern and optical effect.

Uses for Holographic films:

  • Wrapping/gift paper
  • Gift bags
  • Stickers
  • Posters
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Event décor
  • Media – CD’s, DVD’s…
  • Fashion items


Advantages and benefits of Holographic packaging films:

  • Enhance shelf appeal of the product
  • Scratch resistant
  • Durable, metallic surface.
  • Approved for food packaging
  • Films can be waterproof
  • Films can be UV protective
  • Films can be Oxygen & odour proof
  • No inks, paints or pigments are used