Ink & Paint Dispensing Systems

dispensing systems

A dispenser is a system that is able to blend colours to achieve the specific colour and viscosity you need for the job and at the same time, produce the exact amount of printing ink/paint required.

The dispensing system can be automated or manual, and consists of:

  • A dispense head – this is where the colour toners are dispensed from.
  • A pumping system to deliver the ingredients to the dispense head./li>
  • Two PC’s – a manager PC which is normally set up in an office or lab; and the dispensing PC which is attached to the dispenser in the factory.
  • There are either kegs, drums or flobins of ingredients, depending on the quantities required by the factory, these containers are connected to the dispense head by special hose that meets appropriate specifications.

Formulae for each finished product are entered and saved to the management PC, these formulae are used to produce a batch of ink/paint specifically created for a certain job. The ink/paint is dispensed in less than 4 minutes for a 25-litre batch, minimising delays to create a continuous flow in production.

There are a variety of dispensers and the dispenser can be designed to your production needs, whether it be manual or automated.

Dispensers can make water based or solvent based products, from liquid products to very high viscosity paste products, the number of ingredients to be dispensed is usually between 12 to 32, but more products can be dispensed if required. Our dispenser is even used to produce the concentrate used in certain soft drinks!

The dispenser can be equipped with an automated printer, a barcode scanner, and specialised software can be written for the customer with special requirements.

Benefits and Advantages of a dispenser:

  • Very accurately dispense the correct amounts of ingredients for a batch, reducing overmakes due to colour tinting at the quality control stage.
  • Consistently produces the exact same product, batch after batch due to the precise and accurate measurements of ingredients.
  • Improved lead times due to the speed of dispensing, and always “right first-time batches” – saving money and time.
  • Reduce environmental impact by reducing wastage [overmakes] and having the ability to recycle or rework old stock/returns back into new blends.
  • Reduce labour costs due to minimal staff needed to operate the dispenser, and prevents errors in manual weighing.
  • High quality dispenser components ensure a long operating life and maximum reliability.
  • Systems can be custom designed to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Easy to use software, backed up by on-line support from the Rexson factory.
  • Dispenser can be used for solvent, water based or oil based liquids.
  • Password protected system for unique user control.
  • RFID key system that allows different levels of access

Base Products provide a highly experienced technician to do installations and repairs of all equipment as well as efficient and effective online support. This technician is based in Durban, South Africa and is able to travel locally and internationally if required.

We hold stock of essential parts to limit delays and ensure quick delivery to your site.

Parts sourced from Rexson are delivered by air freight in the shortest possible time.

How Gravimetric Dispensing Systems Work?

dispensing systems

Liquid ingredients and additives are stored in canisters, barrels, tanks or other appropriately sized containers. These products are drawn from their storage containers using a suction line and a pump, typically a pneumatic double diaphragm pump.

The pump delivers the product to the dispenser head as and when required by the dispenser control system. Each product has a dedicated pump, delivery line and precision dispense valve.


Typically, each product also has a recirculation loop to maintain the materials suspension and prevent any settling out of products, etc. The product is recirculated automatically on a timed basis. This is especially useful if the system is not operated overnight or over the weekend.