CEB Tank Washing In Conjunction With Formeco Solvent Recycling

solvent recycling

Did you know that you could link up a solvent recycler to your vessel washing machine or visa-versa and SAVE on new solvent purchases and MUCH MORE?

solvent recycling               

Why not start up a solvent vessel washing system?

Our machines use different washing systems and tailored solutions that grant excellent performances with all types of vessels and with any kind of pollutant. As you may or may not know, are completely automatic and can clean even the most soiled containers. Our systems have been engineered to clean materials particularly hard to wash such as inks, paints, adhesives and silicones. They can use high pressure systems, brushing systems and even combined systems. Through an in-depth analysis of all the possible variables connected to the washing, and thanks to the high automation of our systems, we provide highly customized and highly automated equipment. Take a look here (CEB Brochure link) to find out more options to choose from to suit your company’s cleaning requirements.

All the used solvent is recirculated. So, why not to combine the cleaning equipment with an automated solvent recycler?

With the combination of a solvent recycler you could have a complete automated system controlled by sensors linked to a PLC, the only manual intervention is to remove the sludge/waste from the area, this would be collected by a waste processing company or alternatively you can invest in the option to dry the waste to a powder which can be transported to a landfill in special bags designed to collect the recycle waste.

During the wash process the dirty solvent from the wash machine goes directly to the recycler via an outlet pipe and is cleaned, once the solvent has been purified it is then stored in a holding tank and the wash machine draws out clean solvent for washing when required. A system like this guarantees that the vessels will continuously be washed with clean solvent, providing reassurance that all the vessels come out thoroughly cleaned and ready to reuse.

Advantages of having a system like this on site:

  • Low operating costs.
  • One man operated, very user friendly.
  • Increases productivity due to the system being fully automatic, workers can continue with other duties while the machine cleans for you.
  • Continuous supply of clean solvent.
  • Lower organic solvent purchase costs due to recycling and reusing same solvent.
  • Decrease in waste removal costs as there is less or no dirty solvent to dispose of, only the sludge that is produced by the recycler is left.
  • Thoroughly cleaned vessels with every wash.

solvent recycling