Laboratory Testing Equipment

laboratory testing

laboratory testing

Laboratory testing plays a vital role in producing a product of high quality and without the help of these important devices a company cannot function at its peak, therefore, it is important that a company invests in good quality laboratory testing equipment.


Base Products is agents for both Labthink and Shanghai Espread Industry, and can supply a wide range of testing equipment. We have supplied in the past Co-efficient of Friction testers, Slip testers, Gloss Meters, Heat Sealers, Laboratory Ovens, just to mention a few and not limited too.  Our suppliers are extremely knowledgeable in this industry and have over 20 years’ experience together with their competitive pricing and excellent quality equipment there is a very minimal chance of dissatisfaction.


The LabThink testers are professionally designed to give precise, accurate readings and are equipped with advanced testing technology. They have built in online data management systems that make it easier to record, collect, compare and save data.


Shanghai Espread mostly specialise in laboratory equipment for chemical and industrial sectors, their equipment consists of and not limited too – Basket Mills, Bead Mills, High Shear Mixers…

Here are just some of the industry sectors we can supply testing equipment too:

laboratory testing



  • Packaging Manufactures
  • Food and beverage producers
  • Medical and pharmaceutical companies
  • Chemical industries
  • Paint Industries
  • Ink industries

We are able to provide efficient and reliable shipping to customers in South Africa as well as provide spare parts and ongoing support to customers, training can also be provided on request.


Please feel free to contact us for more information on the lab equipment and for quotes. If there is equipment that you are seeking and it was not mentioned in this blog please don’t hesitate to enquire with us we will gladly assist you with all your enquiries.