ARO Pumps

ARO pumps

ARO are a leading manufacturer of AIR OPERATED DIAPHRAGM pumps and are HQ in USA.

ARO pumps can pump a variety of different types of fluids with ease from light to medium viscosity, corrosive and abrasive products without any harm or destruction of the pump.


The pumps are designed with longevity in mind and reduced maintenance, some of these pumps have given very good and reliable service for 10 – 15 years, with minimal servicing or repairs.


We have been a distributor for at least 10 years and have about 750 ARO pumps under our management. Besides selling ARO pumps we can also service and repair them, and we keep the basic spares that are most often requested, in stock.


Advantages of ARO Pumps:


  • Portable – they can be moved and transported easily.
  • Easy to install.
  • Certain pumps can run dry for a limited time with minimal damage.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Seal-less design – prevents any leaks.
  • Low material shear.
  • Self-priming.


While there are pumps for a diverse range of uses and industries we specialise in pumps for the paint and printing ink industries.


ARO pumps



There are pumps that are of mostly aluminium and stainless-steel construction and are ATEX compliant [CE Ex11 2GDX] and can be earthed to prevent static build-up. They have components that are solvent resistant.

ARO pumps


We also have pumps that are mostly polypropylene or acetyl and are used to pump water-based products, as well as corrosive chemicals that could damage aluminium pumps.

We also cater for high viscosity paste inks and UV cure inks.


ARO pumps






ARO pumps



Most common sizes are ½” [13 mm] and 1” [25 mm pumps]. Very often used to circulate inks at printing presses.


ARO pumps


The ARO pumps can be tailored to your company’s specific requirements, for example, this drum pump [Photo on the left] for 200 litre drums.

Drum heating for high viscosity products can be arranged as well as filters and product agitators if required.

There are also ARO pumps that have been designed to pump powders as well as liquids and pastes.

They can be pneumatically or electronically controlled and are self-priming and in some models are designed to minimise damage from running dry.