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Paints | Coatings | Inks

We are able to supply recyclers that can recycle contaminated solvents / thinners or water from the manufacturing processes involved in producing paints, coatings and printing inks.
The recyclers offer great financial savings by recovering up to 80-90% of dirty solvent / thinners or water, thereby saving 80-90% of the replacement cost as well as reducing the environmental impact caused by the disposing of contaminated product.
The range of recyclers covers the small user [10 litres per day], medium sized user [20 – 100 litres per day] and the large user [200 – 2000 litres per day].
Typical recycle times are around 4 – 6 hours irrespective of batch size, and usually governed by the composition of the product being recycled.
The recyclers range from basic, economy models right up to sophisticated, fully automated processing plants, capable of operating 24 hours / 7 days.
The automated recyclers can form a closed loop in conjunction with the wash equipment


We can supply washing units to clean buckets, 200 litre drums, portable mixing pots from 400 litres to 1500 litres as well as large fixed mixing vessels [up to 10,000 litres]. We also supply dedicated units to clean IBC [Flow bins]. Typical wash time for a 1000 litre pot is 2 – 3 minutes [if the pot is cleaned on a regular basis], with the use of about 7 litres cleaning liquid [which is used in the rinse cycle].
This provides a financial saving in the amount of cleaning liquids being used, and of course these liquids can be recycled through the recycling machines.


In addition we produce dedicated wash equipment for FOOD AND CONFECTIONARY manufacturers [these wash units are manufactured in conformance with food processing requirements to clean all equipment and implements used in food and confectionery production] and for HOSPITAL and MEDICAL FACILITIES [to sanitize waste containers and meet the most stringent requirements in dealing with hazardous waste].


Our partner is CEB Impianti , Located in Italy.