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Recycling Industrial Waste Water
2 December 2019, Monday

Recently implemented, the new NATIONAL WASTE WATER dumping ban has placed much strain on many industries that accumulate waste water due to their industrial process. But what does that mean

carson companies
Carson Companies K-2019 – Will You Be Attending?
15 October 2019, Tuesday

K-2019 Fair…. Will You be attending? We have a very important announcement to make you: from 16th to 23rd October the K-2019 Fair will be held in be Düsseldorf, Germany,

liquid waste
South Africa Places Ban On Dumping Of Liquid Waste!
27 September 2019, Friday

Up to recently, solvent recycling has been recognised by some entrepreneurs as a very good and financially viable business discipline and model. Up to now, most enterprises avoided the recycling

dirty dishes
Do You Have Dirty Pots and Vessels Building Up In Your Factory?
7 March 2019, Thursday

Dirty paint and ink pots building up due to not enough hands or time to wash them? Listen further as we have the solution for you! Our supplier CEB, is

solvent recycling
Solvent Recycling – Saving You Money, Time and The Environment!
11 February 2019, Monday

Another satisfied and happy customer!

Watson shoes, a local shoe manufacturing company in South Africa are proud owners of a brand new Si30 Ax LCD Solvent Recycler machine.

We would like to thank Watson Shoes for their enthusiastic remark

specialising in equipment
Specialising In Equipment For The Ink and Paint Industries
8 January 2019, Tuesday

  As we start a new year, we, Base Products, would like to wish all of you a productive and successful business year! Just a short recap of the two

Spray Gun Washer
3 December 2018, Monday

Cleaning your spray guns manually? There is a much safer and more efficient way.   Spray gun washers are designed to wash guns and rid them of any paint residue

solvent recyclers
Solvent Recycler Sales Rise
1 October 2018, Monday

      Just like there has been a spike with the ink/paint dispenser sales the same result has happened with solvent recyclers! With Base products heading into the second

Rexson dispenser
Rexson Dispensers
10 September 2018, Monday

It’s been a really good year so far for Base Products and Rexson Systems, kicking off the year with 4 dispenser orders and another one in the pipeline. We have

laboratory testing
Laboratory Testing Equipment
1 August 2018, Wednesday

Laboratory testing plays a vital role in producing a product of high quality and without the help of these important devices a company cannot function at its peak, therefore, it

solvent recycling
CEB Tank Washing In Conjunction With Formeco Solvent Recycling
5 July 2018, Thursday

Did you know that you could link up a solvent recycler to your vessel washing machine or visa-versa and SAVE on new solvent purchases and MUCH MORE?      

ARO pumps
ARO Pumps
20 June 2018, Wednesday

ARO are a leading manufacturer of AIR OPERATED DIAPHRAGM pumps and are HQ in USA. ARO pumps can pump a variety of different types of fluids with ease from light

water recycling
Save Water At Your Business By Recycling It
3 May 2018, Thursday

SAVE WATER at your business by RECYCLING IT! There are plenty of businesses out there especially in the Western Cape, South Africa that can be doing their fair share in

dirty solvent
Do You Have Large Quantities Of Dirty Solvent Accumulating At Your Work Place?
12 April 2018, Thursday

Many businesses sit with accumulated amounts of dirty solvent or chemicals that they just cannot dispose of or are paying to have removed – We have the perfect solution for

solvent recycling
Creating A Business Out Of Recycling Solvents
7 March 2018, Wednesday

There is a business opportunity for you in solvent recycling!   Here is what it takes to make a business out of it: Starting off with a small either 15

Going Deeper Into Holographics
6 February 2018, Tuesday

Going deeper into Holographics Packaging films, Papers & Laminates   Holographics lamination films are used to add colour, movement and diverse optical effects to packaging due to the films bright

holographic security labels
Holographic Security Labels
11 January 2018, Thursday

Holographic security labels are being used to secure products from forgers and to prevent the production of counterfeiting high-value products which can be detrimental to the market and a danger

dispensing systems
Ink & Paint Dispensing Systems
4 December 2017, Monday

A dispenser is a system that is able to blend colours to achieve the specific colour and viscosity you need for the job and at the same time, produce the

washing machine
Washing Machines For Industrial Vessels & Containers
2 November 2017, Thursday

This Tank Cleaner is a complete, automated cleaning machine designed to wash and rinse with the ability to clean even the most soiled industrial containers, using powerful high-pressure jets and