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recycling business
Solvent Recycling – Part 2
10 January 2022, Monday

Last month we talked about solvent recycling and the options and costs related to these options. Today, I would like to go more into depth about starting a recycling business

Solvent or Water Recycling
13 December 2021, Monday

What is this? Solvent or water recycling is when you take a liquid, boil it, and catch/collect the vapour that rises from the boil, leaving the dirt/contaminant/residue behind.  As the

Welcoming IEC PLUS
26 November 2021, Friday

Who is IEC+?   IEC+ is an engineering company located in Italy, and part of the Inkmaker group. The IEC+ team has 30 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and

CEB Vessel Washing
29 October 2021, Friday

What is Vessel washing? Vessels are used in many industries for processing products, paints, inks, chemicals, and food products are a few. There are various types of cleaning machines for

benefits of recycling
Environmental Benefits of Recycling
20 September 2021, Monday

South Africans generate roughly 54.2 million tons of general (municipal, commercial, and industrial) waste per year. Only 10% of the 54.2 million tons of waste is recycled and re-used, the

ink-mixer installation
IM GROUP installs twin mixing station at Samograph, Italy
30 July 2021, Friday

IM GROUP INSTALLS TWIN MIXING STATION AT SAMOGRAPH, ITALY Turin, Italy, 14 July, 2021. The recently rebranded, IM GROUP (formerly Inkmaker Group), has completed a double ink-mixer installation at SAMOGRAPH’S

IM GROUP Completes Installation For Leading Manufacturer In Western Europe
21 June 2021, Monday

Turin, Italy, 08 June, 2021. The recently rebranded IM GROUP (formerly Inkmaker Group) has announced the completion of a major installation in Western Europe.   The project, led by Oliver

VOC emissions
Capture And Treatment Of Volatile Organic Compounds [VOC]
20 April 2021, Tuesday

The South African government is moving towards the control of VOC emissions into the atmosphere, in line with the Constitution 1996, section 24, that sets out the right to an

benefits of recycling
How does a solvent recycler work?
18 March 2021, Thursday

A solvent recycler isn’t as complicated as everyone thinks. Here is how it works:   First, you pour your dirty solvent into the kettle, then seal the lid and move

ink dispensing systems
Ink dispensing systems – Can it reduce Ink wastage?
4 February 2021, Thursday

Being in the printing industry, it is well known that one of the major costs a printing company has to deal with is “INK”. So, thinking of ways to make

inkmaker group
The Inkmaker Group
26 October 2020, Monday

The Inkmaker Group is a global technology leader for liquid ingredient dispensing, headquartered Italy. The company’s focus is simple, they wish to be the brand that promotes reliability.    

ValeTech – Ink Dispensing
9 June 2020, Tuesday

Most printing and packaging converters are aware of the presence of Rexson Ink dispensers over the last 20 years, with the major printing ink suppliers having placed Rexson dispensers into

solvent recycle
Is maintaining your solvent recycle vital?
12 February 2020, Wednesday

The importance of an effective maintenance program cannot be overlooked because it plays such an important role in the effectiveness of a solvent recycle process. It can be compared to

Recycling Industrial Wastewater
2 December 2019, Monday

Recently implemented, the new national wastewater dumping ban has placed much strain on many industries that accumulate wastewater due to their industrial process. But what does that mean for the

cason companies
Cason Companies K-2019 – Will You Be Attending?
15 October 2019, Tuesday

K-2019 Fair…. Will You be attending? We have a very important announcement to make you: from 16th to 23rd October the K-2019 Fair will be held in be Düsseldorf, Germany,

liquid waste
South Africa Places Ban On Dumping Of Liquid Waste
27 September 2019, Friday

Up to recently, solvent recycling has been recognised by some entrepreneurs as a very good and financially viable business discipline and model. Up to now, most enterprises avoided the recycling

industrial containers
Do You Have Dirty Industrial Containers In Your Factory?
7 March 2019, Thursday

Dirty paint and ink pots building up due to not enough hands or time to wash them? Listen further as we have the solution for you! Our supplier CEB, is

solvent recycling
Solvent Recycling – Saving You Money, Time and The Environment!
11 February 2019, Monday

Another satisfied and happy customer!

Watson shoes, a local shoe manufacturing company in South Africa are proud owners of a brand new Si30 Ax LCD Solvent Recycler machine.

We would like to thank Watson Shoes for their enthusiastic remark

specialising in equipment
Specialising In Equipment For The Ink and Paint Industries
8 January 2019, Tuesday

  As we start a new year, we, Base Products, would like to wish all of you a productive and successful business year! Just a short recap of the two

Spray Gun Washer
3 December 2018, Monday

Cleaning your spray guns manually? There is a much safer and more efficient way.   Spray gun washers are designed to wash guns and rid them of any paint residue